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Easter Blessings

This tutorial was written by me on 4.18.10 and is of my own creation,any similarities to others is purely coincidental.

Let's begin with your supplies.

PSP x2

No outside tubes used in this tutorial.

PTU Kit called EastersPrayerby Tootypup.You can purchase this beautiful kit Here and Here.

font of choice.I used Chopin Script

Let's Get Started!!!

Drag Sunflowerdeco,heart1 into psp from kit.We will work from the sunflowerdeco.

C/P your pearlheart1 onto canvas as new layer.Place on heart.Duplicate 3 times and place them on the remaining hearts.

You will need to resize the smaller one to 50%. Drag cross4a into psp or one of choice.

Paste as new layer.Resize to 65%.Place on right side of deco.Next drag he has risen1 and dove 1 into psp.

C/P dove1 onto canvas.Resize to 40%.Place on bottom left.Now paste the he is risen as new layer.Place over your top 2 hearts.

Refer to mine above for placement. Now drag biblesmall 1 & candlecluster3 into psp.Paste as new layers.Resize both to 50%.

Place on bottom left side where you have the dove.Move your bible layer below your candle cluster layer.

Now move your dove layer above your candlecluster.

Set your font to ChopinScript,size 20,BG #d9e6ba,FG Null.Type out your name.Convert to raster layer.

Merge all visible.Resize all layers to 65%.Image.Add Borders.Add a border of 5 pixels,Symetric checked,color black.Click ok.

Repeat but this time add border of 8 pixels,color #e2eec5.Repeat again with border of 5,color black.Click ok.Save your work.

Add your copywrite & save.