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Doggie Dayz

This tutorial was written on 2.22.10 & all similarities from other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed.

Kit of choice or you can purchase the wonderful HappyTailz PTU KIT BY Tootypup which is part of a collab kit.


Font of choice.

Let's Begin...

Open a 900 x 700 blank image.Pull Papers 4 & 15 into psp.

Set your FG Pattern to Paper15.BG Null.

On your presetshape set to Rectangle.Width22.

Draw out a large rectangle.Convert to raster.

Now use your magicwand to select the center of rectangle.

Selections.Modify.Expand by 2.

C/P Paper4 as new layer.Selections.Invert.Delete.Deselect.

Place your paperlayer below your frame layer..

Pull up puppyhouse2 from kit into psp. Image.Resize to 85%.

Paste as new layer.Resize to 65%.

Position in center of canvas.Pull up doggie5,6 & 7 from kit into psp.

C/P either doggie5 or doggie6 as new layer.Resize to 45%.Place on right side of frame.

Move doggielayer below your doghouse layer.

Now paste doggie7 as new layer.Resize to 55%.

Place on bottom in front of doghouse.

Now paste doggie6 as new layer.Resize to 45%.Place on left side behind tree.

Pull up the kite from kit into psp.Paste as new layer.Resize to 30%.Place behind doghouse.Refer to mine above for placement.

Add other elements you may like.

Set your BG to Paper9,FG Null.Set your font to whatever you are using.Size26.I used Adorable font.

Type out DoggieDayz.

Convert to raster layer.Use picktool to turn slightly upwards.Now type out of Summer.Convert to raster.Repeat with picktool.

Add your name and watermark/copywrite.

Jump to the doggie on the right.Use your mover tool to move him behind the tree.

Edit.COPYMERGED.Open Animationshop.Paste as new animation in animationshop.

Back to PSP. Now use your movertool to pull him bk up just a bit.

Also use the mover tool to move the other doggie down..Edit.Copymerged

.Paste into Animationshop after currentframe.

Back to psp. Repeat again moving right doggie up and left doggie down. Edit.copymerged.

Paste into Animationshop after currentframe.

Back to psp.Repeat again.Edit.copymerged.

Paste into animationshop after currentframe.

Back to PSP.Now this time reverse them by doing the opposite.

Edit.Copymerged.Paste into animationshop after currentframe.

Back to PSP.Use mover tool to move right doggie down & left doggie up.

Edit.Copymerged.Paste into animatioshop after currentframe.

Back to psp.Repeat.CopyMerged.Paste into animationshop aftercurrent frame.

Back to PSP.Repeat for last time.Copymerged.

Back to animationshop. Paste after currentframe.You should have 8 frames.


.FrameProperties.Change speed to 30.View.Animation.

Save as gif.Thanks for trying my tut...