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Disco Time

This tutorial was written by me on 4.17.10 and is of my own creation,Any similarities to others is purely coincidental.

You will need the supplies below.


Tube of choice.I am using the work of Elias Chatzoudis & you must purchase a license at MPT.

PTU Kit called SingingInthe80's by Stina.You can purchse here or here.

font of choice



Let's get going..

Drag Frame3,Paper17 into psp from kit.Resize frame to 75%.

Use magicwand to select the center of frame.C/P Paper17 as new layer.Selections.Invert.Delete.Deselect.

Move paper layer below frame layeer. Drag 2guitars of choice from kit into psp.Paste as new layer.Resize to 65%.

Place on left side on frame.Place the other guitar on right side of frame.Drag recordplayer1 into psp.Paste as new layer.

Resize to 45%.Next drah a record of choice into psp.Paste.Resize to 25%.Place on record player.

I used my picktool to push in on left & right top nodes.This to make it look as tho its laying.Now drag a few of the records into psp.

Paste as new layers.resize to 40%.Place on backside of recordplayer.Next paste your tube as new layer.Place where you like best.

Drag some of the musicnotes into psp.C/P one of the notes as new layer.Resize to 15%. then again at 55%.Place where you like best.

Repeat using more of the notes.Now drag gliterspill of choice into psp.C/P as new layer.Move this layer at the very bottom.

Jump onto your record layer.Edit.Copy.Paste as new image.We are going to animate it.

Go to Effects.Distortion Effects.Twirl.Set at 121 degrees.Edit.Copy.Paste into animationshop as new animation.

Back to psp.Repeat twirl but this time change to 125.Edit.Copy.Paste into animationshop after currentframe.

Back to PSP.Repeat twirl again but this time change to 130. Take into animationshop.Paste after currentframe.

Repeat 4 more times each time going up 5.You should have 7 frames in animationshop.Back in PSP.

C/P a paper of choice as new layer. Layers.Load/Save Mask from disk.Load your WSL_Mask260.Click Ok.Now right click on mask layer.MergeGroup.

Drag papers 4,6,7,11 into psp.Minize all papers except paper4.Set it as BG,Scale 120 on your material palette.

Set your font to Shagdelic,Size16.Type out the letter D.Now change your paper to one of choice.
Type out the letter i.

Change paper again .Type out the letter s.Repeat.Typing out c and o using different papers.Now repeat again typing out the word Time.

Convert to raster layer.I then added a light green gradient glow of 3 to disco and a Light yellow to Time
.Now add your name and copywrite.

Add a new layer at the very bottom.Floodfill with black. Edit.Copymerged.Paste into animationshop.
 Now we need 6 more frames.

Highlight your first frame.Right Click.Paste after currentframe
.Repeat till you have 7 frames total.Scroll back to your first frame.

Edit.SelectAll. Bring up your record animation.Edit.SelectAll.Copy.
Back onto your orking image.Paste into selection.

Dont let up on mouse till you have it on top of player.
View your work and save. you may slow your speed if you like.