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Black Velvet

This Tutorial was written by me on 2.7.10 & any resemblances to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

You will need the following supplies for this tutorial.


Tube of choice-I used the poser which is supplied in the kit

PTU Kit BlackRose by TootyPup.You can Purchase this gorgeaus kit here or here.

Font of choice-I used Al Sandra

Let's begin!!

Open a 650 x600 Blank Canvas.

From the Kit. Pull the Heart4 into PSP. C/P onto canvas.Resize to 70%. Position in center.

Now drag LaceHeart2 into PSP. C/P onto canvas as new layer.Resize to 55%.

Place over on right side of heart,making sure it's partly on it. Open Mirror1 into PSP from kit.

Resize to 45%.Place on left side on heart toward the top. Now drag deco6 into psp. Resize to 65%. Place on left side.

Move this layer below your heart & mirror layers.

Open rosevine2 into psp.

C/P as new layer.Resize to 45%.

Now use your picktool to turn .Place on rightside of heart.Refer to mine above for placement.

Now C/P your tube as new layer. Image.Mirror. Resize to 60%. Place on rightside on the heart.

Drag the vase into psp.

Paste as new layer on canvas. Resize to 65%.Place at bottom under the mirror.

Now drag the Single Roses,RoseVine & Vine into PSP.

Paste the vine onto canvas. Resize to 25%. Place over on the vase.

Make it look as if its coming out of vase. I duplicated mine twice and just placed them in different areas.

Now just c/p yur single roses onto canavs & resize to 25 to 35%.Place them in your vase.

I used my eraser to remove any overhang.

I also pasted the rosevine onto canvas,resize it to 25%.

Placed it on my vase to make it look like its wild..

Set your font to one of choice.

Size36, FG Null, BG Paper20, Type out Black, Then type out Velvet. Convert to raster. Place where you like.

I added a white gradientglow of 3.

Add your name & copywrite.

save as png.

Thanks for trying my tutorial..