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Alice's Tea Party

This tutorial was written by me on 3.21.10 & the creation is my own idea.

Any Resemblences to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed.


PTU Kit Easter in Wonderland by Stina.You can purchase this beautiful kit here or here.

No outside tubes were used in this tutorial.

font of choice.I used FrenchScript

This Tutorial will be C/P-Copy/Paste Mostly.

Let's Begin.

Open a 900 x 600 Transparent Canvas.

Drag Mushrooms from kit into psp.

C/P as new layers onto canvas.Resize to your liking.Do Not Resize Mushroom01.

Arrange the way you like best. Use mine above for reference if you like.

C/P PianoStairs as new layer.

Resize to 55 to 60%.Place on mushrooms.

Now arrange your mushrooms so that they look as if they coming up around stairs.

Drag TeaParty Table from kit into psp.

C/P as new layer.Resize to 60%.Place on left side of canvas.

Drag Whiterabbit & CheshireCat02 into psp

.Paste whiterabbit onto canvas.Resize to 35%

.Place on right side behind mushrooms.

Now Paste Cheshirecat as new layer.Resize to 35%.Place on left side on top of mushroom & stairs.

We want him to look as if he is stepping ontot he stairs.

Drag Catapillar w Basket into psp.

C/P as new layer.Place on mushroom behind table.

Now drag Alice_w_Basket,Queen & Madhatter01 from kit into psp.

C/P Alice as new layer onto canvas.Resize to 65%.Place toward bottom of steps.

Now C/P Madhatter.Resize to 35%.Place on left side on green chair.

Use your eraser,size 23.Erase part of his body.We want him to look as if he is sitting in chair.

Now repeat the above step for Queen.Using your eraser to only erase her middle part.

Now set your font FrenchScript,size 28.BG to Paper23 or one of choice.

Type out Alice's TeaParty.Convert to Raster Layer.

Add your name & copywrites.

Merge all Visible.Image.Resize all layers to 75% bicubic.

Save as PNG.