Special Double Issue on Relative Truth, Synthese (2008)

        Guest Editor: Berit Brogaard

 List of Contents


Introduction by Berit Brogaard, ed.


Context and Semantic Content

 John MacFarlane: Non-Indexical Contextualism
 Andy Egan: Billboards, Bombs and Shotgun Weddings
 Michael Glanzberg: Semantics and Truth Relative to a World

The Open Future, Conditionals and Taste Predicates

 Sebastiano Moruzzi and Crispin Wright : Trumping Assessments and the Aristotelian Future
 Brian Weatherson: Conditionals and Indexical Relativism
 Peter Lasersohn: Relative Truth, Speaker Commitment, and Control of
 Implicit Arguments
 Max Kölbel: The Evidence for Relativism

Epistemic and Moral Relativism

 Duncan Pritchard: Defusing Epistemic Relativism
 Michael P. Lynch, David Capps and David Massay: A Coherent Moral
 Steven Hales: Moral Relativism and Evolutionary Psychology