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ABUNDANCE                ATTRACTION               DESIRE                       FLOW

GRATITUDE                 LOVE                               NATURE                     NOW

SECRETS                       SELF LOVE                  STRESS RELEASE     WEALTH

The artwork you are viewing are examples from the many art projects I have developed to help you in your Goal Setting. 

Using creative visualization you will create art projects that are symbols of your wants and desire.


Art Project Boxes

Includes instructions with practice packet, 
(12)6x9 pieces of watercolor paper, 3 paint sets, brushes,
carbon paper, 
 tracing pencil, images to trace 
all necessary supplies. 
Enough for 12

                      Paper Marbling 
Includes instructions with practice packet, 
(24)6x9 and, shave cream, containers, food coloring, 
scrapers, stir sticks, all necessary supplies. 

Enough for 24
                                 Zodiac Scratchboard 
                                                        Includes instructions with practice packet,
 (12)8x10 pieces of white scratch board, carbon paper, 
tracing pencils,scratch sticks,
12 zodiac signs, sun, moon
Enough for 12.
                  Masters Works
 (12)8x10 pieces of watercolor paper, carbon paper, 
tracing pencils, 3 paint sets, 2 brushes per set
12 masterwork images to trace
of your choice
Enough for 12


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