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Story Mode

Walk up to Troll Hall and defeat the Dwarf, then defend it for 11 minutes.
Tips for Defending Troll Hall
1. Bring a few soldiers up with you. There will be a few soldiers attacking the Hall, so be prepared for a few fights.
After 11 minutes, you will have to destroy 2 Dwarf Halls. One is to the northwest, the other is to the southwest.
Tips for Destroying the Dwarf Halls
1. Make sure that you leave Troll Hall defended. If it is destroyed, you are defeated.
2. At this point in the campaign you can upgrade your towers to Level II. Use this to your advantage.
3. The Dwarf Halls are defended, so bring a decent group of soldiers with you.
4. At this point in the campaign you have a new special, Siege Tower. Use these to your advantage.
Once you destroy both of the Dwarf Halls, you claim victory.