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Story Mode

Head to the Special Factory. You will want to do this quickly, as skeletons will begin to attack it at one point. After that, head north and destroy the enemy walls.
Tips for Destroying the Enemy Walls
1. Use the Special Factory to create some machines to help you. Destroying the walls will be MUCH easier with the extra firepower of some catapults and ballistas.
2. Use the open clearing to the left of the factory to build up a little base. Build some towers to defend it while you are away.
3. You can now begin to upgrade your towers. Doing so makes them more potent, so do it whenever possible.
4. The walls are very well guarded, so send up all of your forces.
After destroying the walls, you will have to destroy the cauldrons. Destroying the cauldrons will earn you victory.
Tips for Destroying the Cauldrons
1. There are 3 groups of cauldrons. All groups are guarded by a few towers. Make sure that you have enough soldiers to make a successful raid.
2. After each little battle, heal up your damaged soldiers, insuring that you don't lose a lot of soldiers.