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Story Mode

Begin by heading north and defeating the skeletons attacking the farms. Build a lumber mill, providing a place for the builders to drop off resources. Build a mine, allowing you a steady supply of LEGO Bricks. Build a barracks, then start building soldiers. Build a tower, then protect the farms.
Tips for Protecting the Farms
1. There are two paths feeding enemies at you. Make sure that you split up your forces to cover both paths.
2. Build a tower by each path, giving your farms more protection.
3. Make sure that you make some soldiers at the barracks. You can have up to 20 people in your army, so why not make the max to beef up your protection?
After successfully defending the farms, you will be tasked to destroy the two enemy camps. Head north and destroy them to earn victory.
Tips for Destroying the Enemy Camps
1. With 18 people in your army (the other 2 are the builders), you can split them up into groups of 9 and send 1 group to each camp. You shouldn't experience lots of casualties this way, and you will destroy the camps a lot faster.
    2. Worry about the soldiers before concentrating on the buildings. The buildings are defenseless, so destroying the soldiers means you're home free to destroy the camp.