Red Power Brick Extras

This is a list of all of the Red Power Brick Extras available in the game. This list will give the level, and what the Power Brick does. To find out how to find the Red Bricks, please refer to the level explore mode walkthroughs.

Red Power Brick 1: Super Explosions
                                Level: Brick Road
                                What It Does: When buildings explode, they do tiny amounts of damage

Red Power Brick 2: Regenerating Health
                                Level: The Scythe of Quakes
                                What It Does: The health of your units will slowly regenerate

Red Power Brick 3: Fast Harvesting
                                Level: Frozen Approach
                                What It Does: Speeds up the harvesting of resources

Red Power Brick 4: Long Range Magic
                                Level: Path to the Clouds
                                What It Does: Increases the range of spells

Red Power Brick 5: More Booster Packs
                                Level: Stolen Goods
                                What It Does: Makes the odds of booster packs appearing higher

Red Power Brick 6: Fast Magic
                                Level: Awoken
                                What It Does: Regenerates the Magic bar faster

Red Power Brick 7: Fast Building
                                Level: Traced Steps
                                What It Does: Increases the speed of building

Red Power Brick 8: Show Minikit
                                Level: Storm the Gate
                                What It Does: Reveals the location of the Minikit on the map

Red Power Brick 9: Fast Mining
                                Level: Build Your Army
                                What It Does: Makes mining faster

Red Power Brick 10: Show Enemies
                                  Level: Incompetence
                                  What It Does: Reveals the locations of enemies on the map

Red Power Brick 11: Double LEGO Bricks
                                  Level: Devastate
                                  What It Does: Mining and harvesting will grant double the normal amount of LEGO Bricks

Red Power Brick 12: Research All Upgrades
                                  Level: Walled In
                                  What It Does: All upgrades will be available, no research required
Red Power Brick 13: Longer Lasting Magic
                                  Level: Icy Pass
                                  What It Does: The effects of spells will last longer

Red Power Brick 14: Show Red Bricks
                                  Level: The Chain Gang
                                  What It Does: Reveals the location of the Red Brick on the map

Red Power Brick 15: Reveal Map
                                  Level: Foresight
                                  What It Does: Reveals the map

Red Power Brick 16: One Hit Kill
                                  Level: Within Grasp
                                  What It Does: Kills enemies with one shot