Free Play Mode

True Hero: 89,000
    Area 1: Canister 1: On the second level, glide to the left, following the studs, then build a grapple point. Grapple up, then destroy the box in the goo to reveal this Canister.
    Area 2: Riddler Clue 1: Use Super Strength to create an opening. Use the Silver Key panel to reveal LEGO pieces on the above ledge. Double Jump onto the pipes, then hop onto the ledge. Build a grapple point, then grapple up. Destroy the boxes to reveal this Riddler Clue.
    Area 3: Canister 2: After using the travel chute, then destroy the red-and-black box to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a Blue Key panel, then use it to open the door. Walk inside. Once inside, step on all of the buttons in quick succession to reveal this Canister.
    Area 4: Riddler Clue 2: Double Jump onto the pipes, then use the acrobat point to swing onto a ledge. Head right and destroy the boxes to reveal this Riddler Clue.
                 Canister 3: Use Super Strength by the exit to create an opening. Walk inside, then head left to collect this Canister.
    Area 5: Riddler Clue 3/Canister 4: Walk into the vault and destroy the box to collect this Riddler Clue.
    Area 6: Canister 5: Hop onto the first gold presser and ride it to the top, then hop off and collect the Canister on the ledge.
                 Joker Card: On the final ledge with the Riddler, head to the right and walk towards the screen. Destroy the farthest box to collect this Joker Card.
Joker Card: The Riddler