Story Mode

True Hero: 23,000
Area 1: Drive along the street, blasting obstacles and destroying the enemies. When you reach the Villains, blast Two-Face's Truck to take out its health. Take out all of its hearts to end the level.
             Riddler Clue 1: Take the upper street at the second fork to encounter this Riddler Clue.
             Riddler Clue 2: Stay on the left after coming down from the high road and go over the ramp to collect this Riddler Clue.
             Canister 1: This is on the right side of the road.
             Canister 2: Destroy 5 enemy vans.
             Canister 3: Ride a ramp on the left to collect this Canister.
             Red Power Brick: Just before the large ramp, drive over all of the buttons to collect this Power Brick.
             Riddler Clue 3/Canister 4: This is on the right side of the road.
             Canister 5: Drive over all of the buttons by the goo to collect this Canister.
             Joker Card: Catch up to the Villains before the boss fight to collect this Joker Card.
Joker Card: The Batmobile 
Red Power Brick Extra: Silver Key (100,000)