Story Mode

Starting Characters: Batman (Black), The Joker, Cyborg

    1. Head right, then down the stairs. Pull on the Super Strength handle to open the door, then destroy the gold tentacles to clear the tentacles. Head back up the stairs and cross the bridge, then head right and walk up the metal wall. Remove the charge from the socket, then place it in the generator. This will raise the lift, as well as open the door on the right. Continue right, then look through the green wall and turn the valve, revealing a rotary handle. Turn it to start pillars moving. Pass them, then pull on the metal gears to lower the platforms below you. Cross them, then head right and shatter the glass. Collect the Suit Token as The Joker to receive the Flower Suit. Use it to take control of the guard, then use the Techno panel to open the doors above you, ending the level.