This will show you the many characters in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, as well as their different abilities. A list of abilities is listed below.

Grapple-Can grapple to higher areas
Flight-Can fly
Heat Vision-Can destroy gold objects
Freeze Breath-Can freeze water
X-Ray Vision-Can see through green walls
Lantern-Can use Lantern pieces
Magnetic-Can interact with blue objects
Super Strength-Can use Super Strength Handles
Rock-Sinks to the bottom of water
Extinguisher-Can spray water
Screamer-Can shatter glass
Toxic Immunity-Can walk through toxic goo
Electric-Can charge up sockets
Double Jump-Can double jump
Detonator-Can destroy silver objects
Glider-Can glide (not the same as flight)
Vine Transport-Can travel through vines
Techno-Can use Techno panels
Grundy-Can use Grundy panels
Sharp Shooter-Can shoot targets
Speeder-Can run on treadmills
Big Fig-Can destroy super strength pads and use super strength handles
Digger-Can dig up dig piles
Skinny-Can travel through grates
Scanner-Can scan for hidden objects
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