Free Play Mode

True Hero: 21,000
    Area 1: Canister 1: This appears on the right side of the truck.
    Area 2: Canister 2: After climbing the metal wall, use Heat Vision to destroy the gold box, revealing this Canister.
    Area 3: Sound Bite: Destroy the red satellite to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a treadmill, then use Super Speed on it to deactivate the shield to the left. Hop through the opening. Once inside, destroy one of the boxes in the top right corner to reveal this Sound Bite.
                 Canister 3: Use Heat Vision to cut an opening in the red wall, then walk inside. Once inside, defeat the goons to reveal a security card. Pick it up and place it in the slot, revealing a prism. Use Heat Vision to destroy one of the gold objects, then turn the wheel and use Heat Vision to destroy the other object. This will open a door, revealing this Canister.
                 Canister 4: Head to the front of the Juggernaut and hop down the bars to collect this Canister.
    Area 5: Red Power Brick: Use Heat Vision to destroy the gold panel, revealing an acrobat chute. Travel through it to appear behind a wall. Step on the circular button to open the door, allowing your partner to join you. Step on the square buttons to reveal this Power Brick.
                 Canister 5: This appears after you deactivate the shields around the lever.
Minikit Characters: Black Canary (100,000)
                               Katana (80,000)
                               Two-Face (100,000)
                               Heavy Joker Goon (3,000)
                               LexBot (5,000)
Red Power Brick Extra: Regenerate Hearts (200,000)
Sound Bite: Soundbite #6-Hush (6,000)