Free Play Mode

True Hero: 35,000
    Area 1: Canister 1: Destroy the gold doors in front of the theatre, then pull the lever to reveal this Canister.
                 Red Power Brick: Destroy all 9 gargoyles to make this Power Brick appear.
                 Canister 2: Destroy the silver gargoyle on the platform with a box to reveal this Canister.
                 Canister 3: At the highest point of the semi-circular metal wall, hop onto the roof of the theatre and use Heat Vision to destroy the gold gargoyle, revealing this Canister.
    Area 2: Canister 4: Destroy all 5 bunches of Joker balloons to reveal this Canister.
                 Sound Bite: Use Heat Vision to destroy the gold billboard on the left to reveal this Sound Bite.
                 Canister 5: After climbing up the metal wall, head to the far left and use Heat Vision to destroy the gold gate. Walk inside to drop down and collect this Canister.
Minikit Characters: Robin (Classic Suit) (80,000)
                               Tim Drake (20,000)
                               Bane (200,000)
                               Killer Moth (50,000)
                               Joker Goon (2,500)
Red Power Brick Extra: Stud Magnet (5,000,000)
Sound Bite: Soundbite #2-Captain Boomerang