Free Play Mode

True Hero: 40,000
    Area 1: Canister 1: Use Super Strength to pull open the gate underwater, allowing you to collect this Canister.
                 Canister 2: Travel through the acrobat chute by the electrified pipes to travel to a ledge. Walk to the right to collect this Canister.
                 Canister 3: Use Heat Vision to cut the wires, deactivating the fans by the Canister. Destroy the silver wall, then walk inside and left along the path to collect this Canister.
    Area 3: Canister 4: After climbing the stairs, use Super Strength to open a panel, revealing this Canister. Fly up to collect it.
    Area 4: Red Power Brick: Travel through the acrobat chute, then destroy the box to reveal this Power Brick.
    Area 5: Canister 5: Use Heat Vision to destroy the gold gate, then walk inside to collect the Canister.
                 Sound Bite: Manipulate the green pipe, turning it into a lever. Pull it to open the nearby gate. Walk inside, then shift the tiles to make a question mark. This will reveal the Sound Bite.
Minikit Characters: Mr. Freeze (100,000)
                               Scarecrow (100,000)
                               Mr. Zsasz (80,000)
                               Mad Hatter (60,000)
                               Asylum Patient (5,000)
Red Power Brick Extra: x6 Stud Multiplier (800,000)
Sound Bite: Soundbite #4-General Zod (4,000)