Gotham Theatre

Wave 1 - Batman vs. Joker Goons

Wave 2 - Hawkman vs. Joker Goons (some with guns) and Joker Heavy Goons

Wave 3 - Wonder Woman vs. Joker Goons on balloons. Hit them with your tiara to cause them to fall, then defeat them,

Wave 4 - Superman vs. Riddler Goons (some with guns)

Wave 5 - Batman (Power Suit) vs. Freeze Goons (some with guns) and Penguin bombs

Wave 6 - Flash vs. Two-Face Goons (some with guns) and Penguin bombs

Wave 7 - Green Arrow vs. two Joker Goons on movie projector camera cannons. Hide behind the pillars for protection and keep shooting the camera cannons until they disappear.

Wave 8 - Step on the exit spot marked by smoke

Unlocked Characters: Hush