Justice League Mode

This is a sort of challenge mode. It places you in a battle arena fighting enemies with the various members of the Justice League. You get gold if you die 0-4 times, silver 5-9 times, and bronze 10+ times. After each level, you unlock a character. You unlock the character after completing the level, no matter what your ranking, but gold is required on all levels for 100% completion. This section covers all 5 levels and the various waves you are facing.
1. Stunning the enemies makes it easier to defeat them, as well as eliminating the chance of a large bunch of enemies circling you and taking shots at you.
2. Try to take out the enemies with guns or other projectile weapons before taking out the enemies who only use melee attacks.
3. Some characters you play as can regenerate hearts. Use this ability to your advantage.
4. This can sometimes be difficult, so it will most likely require more then one play-through for you to achieve gold. Play each level once before actually trying, as this will make you familiar with the enemies that you will be facing.
5. While playing as Superman or Cyborg, use Heat Vision to make quick work of enemies. Just circle around with it active to quickly eliminate all enemies that try to touch you.