Story Mode

Enemies: Robo SWAT
Starting Characters: Emmet (Robot Disguise), Wyldstyle (Robot Disguise)
Added Characters: Batman, Vitruvius (Old), Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny, Metalbeard
The Special: 100,000

    1. Head to the right, then head to the left of the conveyor belt. Destroy the objects to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a photo booth, then hop inside to obtain a security card. Place it in the slot to reveal objects. Complete the Master Build to build a theater, distracting the robots. Head left, then hop on the lift and ride it up. Walk onto the ledge, then drill the tube to destroy it. Grab the first Instruction Page, then build the LEGO pieces into a car and remote control. The car will destroy the barrier. Walk into the hallway, then push the pole to the left. Swing across it, then activate the console to open the door. Drill into the tube and grab the second Instruction Page. Build the LEGO pieces into a Run plate, then run across the gap. Complete the Master Build to build a ladder, allowing Emmet to join you. Drill into the tube and grab the final Instruction Page. Use the Build Plate to build the Subwoofer, then complete the Master Build to build a jukebox. Complete the Master Build to build a Jukebox. Complete the dance mini-game, then head right and drill through the wall. Climb the ladder.

    2. Batman has been added to your party. Grapple onto the box, then drill into it to destroy it. Cross the tiles to the right, avoiding the red tiles, then grapple onto and drill then next box. Cross the bridge, then destroy the next box. Cross the tiles to the left, then destroy the last box. Walk down the path.

    3. Hit everyone with your Batarang to free them. Climb up the walls and bars to lower a level. Fix the gears to reveal a terminal. Hack it to take control of one of the skeletons. Destroy the gold support on the left, then use Metalbeard to destroy 10 skeletons. You are now facing a giant Micro Manger. Throw Vitruvius' staff into one of the sockets, then swing on it to screw off one of the arms. Do this for the other arm, then destroy the gold arm. Grapple onto it and pull to topple it, then drill into it to destroy it, ending the level.

Unlocked Characters: Emmet (Robot Disguise)
                                  Wyldstyle (Robot Disguise)
                                  Bruce Wayne (50,000)
                                  Biznis Kitty (150,000)
                                  Executive Ellen (10,000)
                                  Robo Skeleton (150,000)
                                  Robo SWAT (Laser) (50,000)