Free Play Mode

Area 1: Gold Page 1: Hit 3 targets to free skeletons. 2 are in this area and the last one is in Area 2.

Area 2: Gold Page 2: After crossing the first bridge, drop down a level and destroy the rainbow door, then walk inside. Head right and grapple up onto the ledge with this Gold Page.

            Pants: After collecting Gold Page 2, walk up to the window and follow the button prompt to start a shooting gallery. Defeat 10 enemies to reveal the Pants.

            Gold Page 3: Destroy the silver gate on the right side of the final rooftop, then hop onto the poles and swing up them to reach this Gold Page.

Area 3: Gold Page 4: Shoot 3 Robo (Rocket) enemies to receive this Gold Page.

            Gold Page 5: Shoot 3 covered wagons to receive this Gold Page.

Golden Instruction Build: Locomotive
Pants: Pneumatic Pants