Golden Instruction Builds

This is a list of all of the Golden Instruction Builds that can be unlocked.

Bricksburg Construction - Backhoe
Escape from Bricksburg - Super Bike
Flatbush Gulch - Super Plane
Flatbush Rooftops - Locomotive
Escape from Flatbush - Batwing
Cloud Cuckoo Land - Batmobile
Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land - Bad Cop's Flying Police Cruiser
Escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land - Mega Kitty
The Depths - Robo Swordfish
Infiltrate the Octan Tower - Metalbeard
Put the Thing on the Thing - Micro Manager (Walker)
Broadcast News - Trash Chomper
Back from Reality - Emmet (Mech)
Bricksburg Under Attack - Ice Cream Machine
The Final Showdown - Lord Business