This will show you the many characters in The LEGO Movie Videogame, as well as their different abilities. A list of abilities is listed below.

Master Builder-Can build from piles of LEGO pieces and complete Master Builds
Instruction Build-Can build from Instruction Pages
Construction-Can repair blue objects and can drill
Female-Can use Female Jump points
Blind Courage-Can cross blue-and-white beams
Secret Knock-Can perform a Secret Knock
Grapple-Can use grapple points
Rainbow-Can destroy rainbow objects
Hack-Can hack into terminals
Explosive-Can destroy silver objects
Laser-Can destroy gold objects
Extinguisher-Can put out fires
Flight-Can fly
Firestarter-Can start fires
Lantern Ring-Can build green LEGO pieces
Sharp Shooter-Can hit targets or throw their poles into sockets
Business-Can use Lord Business switches
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