Mithril Brick Quests


The Borrowed Brew: Walk inside the Hobbit Hole with the red door and talk to the Hobbit inside. She will ask you for the Tea Hat. Give it to her to collect this Mithril Brick.


Getting My Goat: Talk to a man on a hill and he will ask you to help round up 5 of Farmer Maggot's goats. Follow the ghost studs to find the goats (you will have to uncover a travel chute for the last one). Return them all to the pen to receive this Mithril Brick.


To Live Among the Chickens: This lady is pretty weird. She wants to live among the chickens, but needs the clothes to look the part. Give her the Chicken Hat to collect this Mithril Brick.


Poultry Persuasion: The lady that lives among the chickens now believes that it is impossible to look like a chicken. Prove her wrong by speaking to her with a Custom Character wearing the Chicken Hat and Shirt. This will prove her wrong, earning you this Mithril Brick.


Sentient Scarecrow: Talk to the man in Farmer Maggot's cornfield and he will ask to see a living scarecrow. Talk to him as a Custom Characters wearing the Scarecrow Hat and Shirt to receive this Mithril Brick.


Waterwheel Wallop: Talk to the man on the pier near the bridge and he will ask you to help him being the parts for the waterwheel down to him. Walk up to the hill and hit the box with a hammer, then shoot the round target to continue its descent down the hill, then hit it with a hammer again to bring it to the bottom of the hill. You will then receive this Mithril Brick.


Farmyard Fiasco: Talk to the man by the hut in Farmer Maggot's cornfield and he will ask you to chase off the wolves that have been bothering the chickens. Defeat 15 wolves to collect this Mithril Brick.

Wheel Good Time: Talk to the man by the bridge and he will ask you to construct the water wheel. Hop across the lilypads to the Craft Plate, then build the water wheel to receive this Mithril Brick.

Bed and Break Fast: Talk to the man inside a Hobbit Hole with a blue door and he will ask you to make him a bed. Use the nearby Craft Plate to make him a bed, collecting this Mithril Brick.


Red Power Brick Quests


A Flail of a Time: Talk to the man at the top of the hill and he will ask you for a Mithril Flail. Give it to him to reveal the Red Power Brick for Studs x2. You can then purchase it for 500,000 studs.

Manic Mining: Talk to the man by the campsite and give him the Mithril Pickaxe. You will then be able to purchase Perfect Forging for 5,000,000 studs.




Rosie Cotton: Rosie is inside a Hobbit Hole whose entrance is hidden under a lot of flowers. Walk inside and you can purchase her for 35,000 studs.

Bofur (Lake-town): Bofur is on top of a platform in the water. Shoot the plants on the right side to reveal a round target. Shoot it to raise a bridge, allowing you to reach the platform. Grab onto the railing to reach the platform with Bofur (Lake-town), where you can purchase him for 25,000 studs.

Tom Bombadil*: Walk behind the house and plant the seed to grow a flower. Bounce onto the roof and start the race. Bounce on the flowers through the hoops. Complete the race and Tom will be standing in front of his house. You can then purchase him for 30,000 studs.


Mithril Bricks


Mithril Brick 1: Hop on a rowboat via a pier, then row down the river. Take a right into the alcove to find this Mithril Brick floating in the water.


Mithril Brick 2: Blast the door to a cave with Magic to open it, then walk inside. Head to the right and blast the blue rocks with Magic, revealing this Mithril Brick. Plant seeds to reveal plants, then use them as boost onto the tightropes. Shimmy up over this Mithril Brick, then drop down to collect it.


Mithril Brick 3: A door to a Hobbit Hole will be covered with plants. Burn them down to open the door, then walk inside. Once inside, hop across the rotating platforms to reach this Mithril Brick.

Mithril Brick 4: Grab onto the Super Strength handle and pull to create an opening. Walk into it to collect this Mithril Brick.




Mithril Stud Spade: This is trapped inside a shed. You are going to need a crank to open it. To find the crank, fish it up on a nearby pier. Pick up the crank and place it in the slot, then turn it to open the shed, allowing you to collect this Schematic.

*Tom Bombadil is technically in an area called "The Old Forest", but since that area has no Eagle Marker, I have placed Tom in Hobbiton.