Red Power Brick Quests

Weighting for a Stranger: Talk to the woman by the gate to the Barrow-downs and she will ask you for the Mithril Megapult. You will then be able to purchase Attract Loot for 100,000 studs.

Bilbo and the Beanstalk: Talk to the woman by the ruins and she will ask you for the Mithril Beanstalk. Give it to her and you will be able to purchase Studs x8 for 10,000,000 studs.


Barrow-wight: This guy is standing on top of a hill. Walk up to him and purchase him for 100,000 studs.

Mithril Bricks

Mithril Brick 1: Pull on the Super Strength handle to create an opening, then walk inside. Heal the mole to reveal this Mithril Brick.

Mithril Brick 2: Plop Bombur on the picnic blanket and feed him, then hop from him to the pillar. Step on the button to raise platforms, allowing you to reach the beam above. Stack a dwarf on the green boost pad, then climb up and step on the button to extend a bridge. Hop up the pillars and cross the beam, then hop onto the bridge and onto the next beam, allowing you to reach this Mithril Brick.

Mithril Brick 3: Walk into the cave where golf was invented. You will need to find 3 pigs and place them in the pen. Shoot the obvious square target repeatedly to drop the first pig. To reveal the second pig, plant the seed on the ramp, then bounce on the flower to the platform. Turn the crank to reveal a square target. Shoot it repeatedly to reveal the second pig. Hop onto the beam and cross it to reach it. For the third pig, head to the left and destroy the boxes to reveal a travel chute. Crawl through it, then shoot the square target repeatedly to reveal the final pig. Ride the pigs into the pen to reveal this Mithril Brick.