Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Head to the right of the path and Force the rocks into a pillar, then hop on top of them and shoot the target to reveal the Canister. Double Jump up to reach it.

             Canister 2: After Forcing the tree out of the path, destroy it to reveal this Canister.

             Canister 3: After destroying the MTT, hop on top of the left piece of debris and Double Jump up to reach this Canister.

             Canister 4: Completely destroy the MTT and drop down the hole to collect this Canister.

             Canister 5: Force one of the plants on the left of the end of the path to reveal a platform. Force it against the wall, then Super Jump up from it to collect this Canister.

Area 2: Canister 6: After Forcing the blocks into a platform, Super Jump onto the ledge to reach this Canister.

Area 3: Canister 7: When you Force the blocks away from the log, you create a platform, allowing you to collect this Canister.

             Canister 8: Travel through the travel chute to reach this Canister.

             Canister 9: Force the brown beams out of the opening near the end, allowing you to walk inside and collect this Canister.

Area 4: Canister 10: Force the statue together, in the right order: (feet, chest, head) to reveal this Canister.

Minikit Model: Gungan Bongo