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Boss: Jango Fett
Starting Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Master), R4-P17
True Jedi: 28,000

    1. Walk over to the Kaminoan and Force the lamp back together, then follow her into the building.

    2. Follow the Kaminoan through the hallway and into the opening.

    3. Walk down the hallway and step on the buttons to reveal a console. Force it to open the doors to the halls. Walk down the left hallway and use the Astromech panel to open the door. Walk through the opening.

    4. Walk into the room that the Kaminoan is standing by.

    5. Walk out of the room.

    4. Deflect the blasts back at the turrets to lower the shield, then pursue Jango Fett through the opening.

    6. Walk through the hatch on the right.

    7. Pursue Jango across the catwalk, avoiding the bombs. Step on the button at the end to extend part of a bridge. Hover across the gap and step on the other button to fully extend the bridge, allowing your partner to join you. Force the LEGO pieces aside, revealing an Astromech panel. Use it to open the door. Walk inside.

    8. Head down the hall and Force the LEGO pieces away, revealing an Astromech panel. Use it to open the door. Walk through the opening.

    9. This is the Jango Fett boss fight. Deflect his blaster shots back at him to damage him. After he loses 3 hearts, the Slave I will begin to fire at you. You can use the Astromech panels on the sides to distract the Slave I temporarily if you want. Continue deflecting Jango's blasts back at him, then Force the rockets back at him. When he has 1 heart left, he will run around the platform. Chase him down and hit him to take out his last heart, ending the level.

Unlocked Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Master)
                                  Clone (2,000)