Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: This is on a ledge near the landing pad.

             Canister 2: While crossing the bridge, hover to the left to land on a ledge. Head left and destroy the silver rocks, then hop onto the ledge to collect this Canister.

             Canister 3: Force some rocks into platforms, then hop up them to reach this Canister.

             Canister 4: Destroy the rock panel in the wall to reveal this Canister.

             Canister 5: Drop down the ledges to the very bottom right, where you'll find this Canister.

             Canister 6: Super Jump in front of the rock panel to reach this Canister.

             Canister 7: This appears in the alcove after you Force the bomb across the gap.

             Canister 8: This is on the final ledge where Grievous stands.

             Canister 9: Head right after collecting Canister 8 to reach this Canister.

             Canister 10: Head right after collecting Canister 9 and walk inside the building. Force all of the handles in the center to reveal this Power Brick.

Minikit Model: Jedi Starfighter (Episode III)