Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Defeat 9 small animals that appear in groups of three. The first appears is you head left from your starting point. The second is by where you turn to head towards the castle. The last group is to the left of the castle entrance.

            Red Power Brick: Smash the cracked block to reveal this.

            Canister 2: Use the pool on the far right to reveal the LEGO pieces for this.

            Canister 3: After climbing up the wall, this is right behind you.

            Canister 4: After collecting Canister 3, hover across the gap to the back ledge to reach this.

            Canister 5: After collecting Canister 4, head through the travel chute to reach this.

            Canister 6: Shoot the colored object on the right wall to reveal the LEGO pieces for this.

Area 3: Canister 7: Once you start, head back up the stairs to reach this.

            Canister 8: Destroy 4 cobwebs. The first is to the right by the multi-build. The second is above you after sliding under the gate. The third is above the silver rubble used to collect Canister 9. The fourth is towards the entrance to the final room.

            Canister 9: Destroy the rubble panel to reveal an opening. Head inside to get this.

            Canister 10: In the final room, use the Force on the gate on the right to open it, allowing you to collect this.

Red Power Brick: Studs x6 (3,000,000)
Minikit Vehicle: Rebel Alliance Y-wing
                         Rebel Alliance Y-wing (Microfighter)