Story Mode

Enemies: Varmik, Wi'ba Tuyll, Oskus Stooratt
Starting Characters: Kylo Ren (Hooded), Stormtrooper Officer, FN-1044
Starting Vehicles: Special Forces TIE Fighter, First Order TIE Fighter
True Jedi: 75,000

    1. Fly around, avoiding the obstacles and shooting down the fighters in your path.

    2. Maneuver around Maz's Castle, shooting it up until you reach 100% destruction. Shoot the objects on the sides to blow the outside up, as well as a few objects inside.

    3. You are now on the ground, ready to fight your way to Rey. Smash the cracked block, then Force together some steps, allowing you to continue up. Defeat the enemies, then Sith Force the door to the right, allowing you to continue. Continue to the right. You are going to have to rescue the stormtroopers so they can help you progress. Use the grapple point in the back to reveal a multi-build. Build either of the objects to rescue the first set, then smash the cracked block to rescue the other set. Use the grapple points on the right to clear the path, then continue right and push the ship to the right along the tiles. Destroy the gold object to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a platform, then stand on it as FN-1044. Switch to Kylo Ren and Force the platform up, allowing FN-1044 to reach the top ledge. Smash the cracked block to lower the tree, allowing your partners to join you. Head right and cut through the tree, then head into the narrow path. Follow the button prompts to deflect Rey's shots. Do this three times to end the level.

Unlocked Vehicles: Jakku Freighter
                              Jakku Freighter (Microfighter)

Unlocked Characters: FN-1044
                                  Jashco Phurus
                                  Rosser Weno
                                  Strono Tuggs