Story Mode

Enemies: Oni Jass, Ozeer Tenzer
Starting Characters: Han Solo (Twon Ketee), Chewbacca (Twon Ketee), Varond Jelik (Twon Ketee)
True Jedi: 65,000

    1. Head into the cave and press forward through the water until you reach land. Continue right, then drop down and smash the skeleton to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a beam, then cross it. Hop up the ledges to the left, then use the grapple point on the flower to lower it. Bounce off the flower to the ledge above, then scan by the waterfall to reveal a rathtar. Follow the button prompts to fight it off, revealing a multi-build. Build the right object to construct a wall. Climb up, then switch to a partner. Smash the wall, then build the left object to build a probe droid with an umbrella. This will block the waterfall, allowing your partner on the ledge to cross the beam. Cross the beam, then push the rock off the ledge to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into a trampoline, then use it to reach the ledge. Use the super strength handle to reveal another trampoline, then use it to reach the upper ledge. Head right, then smash the glowing objects to reveal a multi-build. Build the left object to reveal blocks, then hop up them to the upper ledge. Scan to reveal a rathtar, then follow the button prompts to fight it off. Build the LEGO pieces that appear into a super strength handle, then use it to open the cave. Head inside.

    2. Head towards the blaster battle, then defeat the enemies in the first wave to press forward. Destroy the silver clasps on the rathtar cage to finish the battle. You will then drop down. Defeat the waves of enemies, then build the LEGO pieces into a microfighter Millenium Falcon, ending the level.

Unlocked Vehicles: Prana Predator
                              Bin Gassi Podracer
                              Prana Predator (Microfighter)

Unlocked Characters: Chewbacca (Twon Ketee)
                                  Han Solo (Twon Ketee)
                                  Varond Jelik
                                  Adan Mose (150,000)
                                  Croll Jenkins (75,000)
                                  Gaff Kaylek (75,000)
                                  Oni Jass (75,000)
                                  Ozeer Tenzer (50,000)
                                  Zylas (100,000)