This will show you the many characters in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as their different abilities. A list of abilities is listed below.

Sharp Shooter-Can shoot targets
Grapple-Can grapple
Resistance-Can use Resistance panels and accept Resistance missions
Explosive-Can destroy silver objects
Toxic-Can go through toxic areas
Staff-Can use rotary handles
Pool-Can use pools
Scan-Can scan to reveal hidden objects
Force-Can use the Force
Agility-Can climb walls and swing on poles
Small-Can use travel chutes
Hover-Can use a jetpack to hover
First Order-Can use First Order terminals and accept First Order missions
Bounty Hunter-Can accept Bounty Hunter missions
Strength-Can use super strength handles
Command-Can command groups of soldiers
Block-Can smash cracked blocks
Rapid Fire-Can destroy gold objects
Scavenger-Can accept Scavenger missions
Sith Force-Can use Sith Force
Lightsaber-Can cut through panels
Defrost-Can melt ice
Cold-Can pass through cold areas
BB-8-Can use BB-8 panels and boost pads, as well as charge generators
Astromech-Can use astromech panels
Protocol-Can use protocol panels and accept translate missions
Sifter-Can sift through sand
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