Challenge Mode

Area 1: Blue Canister 1: This is on the left side of the skiff with the Boba Fett boss fight.

            Blue Canister 2: This is in front of the Sail Barge, accessed by Sith Forcing the platform.

            Blue Canister 3: This is on one of the platforms extended by pulling a lever on the Sith Force side of the Barge.

            Blue Canister 4: This is behind one of the large panels on the side of the Barge accessed by Forcing the platform.

Area 2: Blue Canister 5: This is on the right side of the room, near the generator you Force.

Area 3: Blue Canister 6: Head left and destroy the silver barrier, then walk inside the room. This Blue Canister is in the center of the room.

            Blue Canister 7: This is on the bottom side of the ledge you grapple onto.

Area 4: Blue Canister 8: This is to the left of your starting point.

            Blue Canister 9: This is near the modules.

            Blue Canister 10: This is towards the bottom left corner of the second part of the Barge.