Challenge Mode

Area 1: Blue Canister 1: Use the Astromech panel to the left of your starting area to open the door. Walk inside to the room with this Blue Canister.

Area 2: Blue Canister 2: This is in the right side of the room with the skeletons.

Area 3: Blue Canister 3: This is on one of the ledges. Double Jump up to get it.

Area 4: Blue Canister 4: Use the Astomech panel, then head inside the room to find it.

            Blue Canister 5: This is on the left side of the room.

Area 5: Blue Canister 6: This is on the left side of the ice slide.

Area 6: Blue Canister 7: Use the Protocol panel, then head inside to reach this.

            Blue Canister 8: This is at the top of the hill climbed by Sith Forcing the platforms.

             Blue Canister 9: Sith Force the wall hangings into platforms, then hop up them and head through the door to reach this.

Area 7: Blue Canister 10: This is in the alcove with the boxes.