Free Play Mode

Area 1: Red Power Brick: Destroy the silver bars near the left Astromech panel, allowing you to collect this Power Brick.

            Canister 1: This is to the right of the right astromech panel. Hover or Double Jump to it.

Area 2: Canister 2: Use the Bounty Hunter panel to open the door. Walk inside the room to collect this Canister.

Area 3: Canister 3: After defeating Vader, Sith Force the console to open the carbon freezing chamber. Hop in the crane and pick up a Stormtrooper, then drop it in the chamber to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into this Canister.

Area 4: Canister 4: On the first upper ledge, shoot the panel to drop a platform. Hop on it and then up to this Canister.

            Canister 5: This is right above the second fan. Double Jump off of the ledge to reach this Canister.

Area 5: Canister 6: Head through the travel chute to reach this Canister.

Area 6: Canister 7: Destroy the silver panel in the ground to raise up this Canister.

Area 7: Canister 8: This is to the left of your starting point.

            Canister 9: While on the platform under the circular window, hover towards the screen to reach the ledge with this Canister on it.

            Canister 10: Use the Imperial panel to open the door, then walk inside to collect this Canister.

Minikit Model: Cloud Car
Red Power Brick Extra: Score x6 (5,000,000)