Challenge Mode

Area 1: Blue Canister 1: This is by the location of the Red Power Brick.

             Blue Canister 2: This is by the holoprojector that the clones receive Order 66 from.

             Blue Canister 3: After rescuing the Wookiee from the platform reached by grappling up, hover left to reach this Blue Canister on a platform.

             Blue Canister 4: This is on one of the platforms on the left near the end.

Area 2: Blue Canister 5: This is by the wreckage in the water.

             Blue Canister 6: This is behind the rocks on the far left.

Area 3: Blue Canister 7: This is on the left ledge with the Battle Droid Commander.

Area 4: Blue Canister 8: This is on the right side of the path.

             Blue Canister 9: This is on top of some rocks on the left. Super Jump up to reach it.

             Blue Canister 10: This is behind a rock right behind the second Walker.