Challenge Mode

Area 1: Blue Canister 1: This is on the far left of the ledge with Canister 1 on it.

             Blue Canister 2: This is by Anakin's Jedi Starfighter.

Area 2: Blue Canister 3: This is behind the machine that spills out studs on the left.

Area 3: Blue Canister 4: This is in the same location as Canister 4.

Area 4: Blue Canister 5: This is in the same location as Canister 5.

             Blue Canister 6: This is on the far right.

Area 5: Blue Canister 7: This is on one of the pillars on the left of the boss fight area. 

             Blue Canister 8: This is in the room on the right side of the boss fight area.

Area 7: Blue Canister 9: This is in an obvious place along the path.

Area 8: Blue Canister 10: This is on the left side of the bridge.