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Challenge Mode

Area 1: Blue Canister 1: This is on top of Padme's pillar.

             Blue Canister 2: This is behind a pillar to the right of Padme's pillar.
             Blue Canister 3: This is near the destroyed Dwarf Spider Droid.

             Blue Canister 4: This is behind Anakin's pillar.

             Blue Canister 5: This is behind the pillar to the right of the silver object.

             Blue Canister 6: This is underneath the Imperial panel.

             Blue Canister 7: This is in the same location as Canister 7.

             Blue Canister 8: This is near the blocks that you Force into a ramp.

             Blue Canister 9: This is underneath the platforms that you use Sith Force to lower.

             Blue Canister 10: This is on the left side of the place where Jango Fett battles you.