Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: This is on the left side on the path.

             Canister 2: This is in the center of the path.

             Canister 3: Head through the TIE gate, where this Canister is in the alcove.

             Canister 4: This is on the right side of the path.

             Canister 5: Tow a bomb into the gold barrier to destroy it, allowing you to collect this Canister.

             Red Power Brick: This is behind one of the pillars to the right.

Area 2: Canister 6: This is near the center.

             Canister 7: This is towards the back.

             Canister 8: This is towards the ship.

             Canister 9: This is towards the ship.

             Canister 10: This is towards the ship.

Minikit Model: AT-TE
Red Power Brick Extra: Exploding blaster bolts (20,000)