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Free Play Mode

Area 1: Canister 1: Head to the back of the hallway to collect this Canister.

             Canister 2: This is inside one of the arches on the right.

Area 2: Canister 3: From the extending platform, jump to the left to land on a platform. Travel through the travel chute to reach this Canister.

             Canister 4: At the end of the conveyor belt. Follow the large center beam to the back. Force the gear into the slot, then Force it to turn it. Grapple up, then shoot the target to reveal an Imperial panel. Use it to open the door. Walk inside. You will notice a color in the panel on the right. Activate the Astromech panels in front of the two colors that blend to make that color (red and yellow for orange, red and blue for purple, and yellow and blue for green) to raise the barrier around this Canister.

Area 3: Canister 5: Use the Astromech panel behind the Droideka to open the door. Walk through the opening, then hop across the moving platforms to reach this Canister.

             Canister 6: Head to the left on the ledge with the droids to reach this Canister.

Area 4: Canister 7: Grapple across the gap, then hop up to this Canister.

Area 5: Red Power Brick: Destroy the pillars to reveal an opening. Walk inside, then activate the Astromech panels to lower the shields, eventually allowing you to collect this Power Brick.

             Canister 8: After destroying the pillars, Force the debris into a platform. Hop on top of it, then Super Jump up into the alcove with this Canister inside.

             Canister 9: This is to the right of the Protocol panel, tucked behind the wall.

Area 6: Canister 10: Use the Astromech panel on the left to reveal LEGO pieces. Force them into a platform and a valve. Hop onto the platform and your partner will Force the valve, raising you up. Super Jump up to this Canister.

Minikit Model: Droideka
Red Power Brick Extra: Character studs (100,000)