Challenge Mode

Area 1: Blue Canister 1: Grapple up near the Flash Speeder and hop onto the left balcony to collect this Blue Canister.

             Blue Canister 2: This is on the right side of the far upper balcony, behind the window.

Area 2: Blue Canister 3: Head down the first hallway on the left to reach this Blue Canister at the end.

             Blue Canister 4: At the second set of branching hallways, head down the hallway on the left and Sith Force the object to the right. Use it as a boost to reach the upper platform. Sith Force the barrier in the back to reach this.

Area 3: Blue Canister 5: Destroy the plant barriers on the right of the steps, then hop inside the alcove to collect this Blue Canister.

             Blue Canister 6: Travel through the travel chute on the left, then Super Jump onto the ledge on the right. Force the panel into a platform, then hop onto it and head left to reach this.

             Blue Canister 7: This is on the right side of the ledge reached by using the travel chute.

Area 4: Blue Canister 8: Drop down to the lower ledge with the boxes to find this.

Area 5: Blue Canister 9: Destroy the statue on the right to reveal a button. Step on it to raise the panel. Walk up the stairs to reach this Blue Canister.

Area 6: Blue Canister 10: This is to the right behind some grey nodes, located behind the third Naboo Starfighter.