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Challenge Mode

Area 1: Blue Canister 1: This is on the left side of the conference room.

             Blue Canister 2: Head through the door on the right side of the hallway and Force the gears onto the left pillar. Hop on it and jump up to reach this Blue Canister.

             Blue Canister 3: Use the Protocol panel, then enter the room. This will be on the left.

             Blue Canister 4: Use the Astromech panel, then enter the room. This is underneath the central showerhead.

             Blue Canister 5: After collecting Blue Canister 4, use the Force to assemble the Vulture Droid. High Jump up the platforms in the back and Force the grate out of the way, then high jump into the opening. Hover across the gap to reach this.

             Blue Canister 6: After Forcing the grate out of the way of the exit, Super Jump from the top of it to reach this.

Area 2: Blue Canister 7: Force the objects on the left into a platform, then hop up and use the Astromech panel to open the door. Head inside, then hopinto the right cage to reach this.

             Blue Canister 8: This is in the bottom left corner, right by the shield.

             Blue Canister 9: This is in the ledge on the far right.

             Blue Canister 10: This is behind the MTT, where the droids appear.