Red Power Brick Extras

This is a list of all of the Red Power Brick Extras available in the game. This list will give the price, room, and what the Power Brick does. To find out how to find the Red Bricks, please refer to pages under "Exploring the Hub".

Red Power Brick 1: Perfect Deflect
                                Cost: 100,000
                                Room: Invisible Hand Hangar
                                What It Does: When you block a blaster shot, the blasts will always return to the sender

Red Power Brick 2: Dark Side
                                Cost: 150,000
                                Room: General Grievous Room
                                What It Does: All Force-using characters can use Sith Force

Red Power Brick 3: Fast Build
                                Cost: 500,000
                                Room: Resolute Gunnery
                                What It Does: Allows you to build A LOT faster

Red Power Brick 4: Invincibility
                                Cost: 1,000,000
                                Room: Invisible Hand Ground Vehicles Room
                                What It Does: Renders you immune to damage from enemy attacks and other things. You will still die by falling though

Red Power Brick 5: Minikit Detector
                                Cost: 750,000
                                Room: Minikit Room
                                What It Does: Arrows will point to the ultimate location of a Canister

Red Power Brick 6: Super Speeders
                                Cost: 40,000,000
                                Room: Minikit Room
                                What It Does: Allows the BARC Speeder, STAP, and Starhawk Speeder Bike to destroy every kind of building

Red Power Brick 7: Score x2
                                Cost: 500,000
                                Room: Resolute Hangar
                                What It Does: Multiplies all stud values by 2. Silver will be worth 20, gold 200, blue 2,000, and purple 20,000

Red Power Brick 8: Score x4
                                Cost: 2,000,000
                                Room: Gold Brick Room
                                What It Does: Multiplies all stud values by 4. Silver will be worth 40, gold 400, blue 4,000, and purple 40,000
Red Power Brick 9: Score x6
                                Cost: 10,000,000
                                Room: Resolute Catwalks
                                What It Does: Multiplies all stud values by 6. Silver will be worth 60, gold 600, blue 6,000, and purple 60,000

Red Power Brick 10: Score x8
                                  Cost: 20,000,000
                                  Room: Asajj Ventress Room
                                  What It Does: Multiplies all stud values by 8. Silver will be worth 80, gold 800, blue 8,000, and purple 80,000

Red Power Brick 11: Score x10
                                  Cost: 40,000,000
                                  Room: Resolute Catwalks
                                  What It Does: Multiplies all stud values by 10. Silver will be worth 100, gold 1,000, blue 10,000, and purple 100,000

Red Power Brick 12: Stud Magnet
                                  Cost: 500,000
                                  Room: Resolute Catwalks
                                  What It Does: Widens your stud collecting radius, allowing you to pick up studs faster

Red Power Brick 13: Regenerate Hearts
                                  Cost: 400,000
                                  Room: Ziro Room
                                  What It Does: Regenerates any hearts you are missing

Red Power Brick 14: Character Studs
                                  Cost: 100,000
                                  Room: Resolute Prison
                                  What It Does: When you defeat enemy characters, they will cough up studs

Red Power Brick 15: Super Saber Cut
                                  Cost: 300,000
                                  Room: Resolute Catwalks
                                  What It Does: Automatically makes cut in walls or other things

Red Power Brick 16: Dual Wield
                                  Cost: 250,000
                                  Room: Invisible Hand Hangar
                                  What It Does: Gives all characters who normally have one lightsaber will now have two

Red Power Brick 17: Glow in the Dark
                                  Cost: 25,000
                                  Room: Resolute Medical Bay
                                  What It Does: You will give off a green glow

Red Power Brick 18: Red Brick Detector
                                  Cost: 125,000
                                  Room: Resolute Bridge
                                  What It Does: An arrow will point to the ultimate location of a Red Power Brick