Free Play Mode

    Area 1: Canister 1: Take bases and build until you can build a Minikit Dispenser, then build one. Use the Clone panel on it to reveal this Canister.
                 Canister 2: Build three buildings in the top left base and the plate on it will open, revealing this Canister.
                 Canister 3: On the north side of the Republic part of the battlefield, there is a Bounty Hunter panel. Use it, then destroy 50 droids in the time limit to reveal this Canister.
                 Canister 4: On the right side of the battlefield is a large rock. Super Jump on top of it to collect this Canister.
                 Canister 5: Build the LEGO pieces near your starting point into an Astromech panel, then use it to reveal a black car. Hop in it and drive along the stud trail to reveal this Canister.
    Area 2: Canister 6: Destroy 5 red crystals to reveal this Canister.
                 Canister 7: Destroy the silver spider web to create an opening, then hop through it. Once outside, Force the egg onto the platform to reveal this Canister. Use your lightsaber to hop up the wall on the right to reach it.
                 Canister 8: Destroy the three gold triangles on the first door. When the first door opens, this one will too. Use the Astromech panel to power the droid. When it is destroyed, you can collect this Canister.
                 Canister 9: Destroy the three gold triangles on the second door. When the second door opens, this one will too. Grapple onto the grapple point to open the shower curtain, revealing this Canister.
    Area 3: Canister 10: There are 5 valves that you need to destroy. When you walk up to them, they will power up. Force the knob to destroy them. Destroy all 5 to reveal this Canister.
Minikit Character: Luke Skywalker (Classic) (50,000)