Story Mode

Enemies: Undead Geonosian
Starting Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Commander Cody, Clone Trooper
Added Characters: Luminara Unduli
True Jedi: 130,000
    1. Begin by throwing your lightsaber at the brightly colored blocks on the left. This will cause them to fall. Force them into a way that allows you to reach the above ledge. Grapple onto the grapple point and pull to pull down the pillar, creating a bridge. Cross it and the bridge will collapse, revealing LEGO pieces on the ground. Build them into half of the door ornament, then head back to the starting point. Take command of the clones, then use them to destroy the gold rocks on the right. Hop up the wall with your lightsaber, then push the statue off of the ledge. Build the revealed LEGO pieces onto the door ornament, finishing it and opening the panel. Walk through the opening.
    2. Walk down the hallway. When you reach a wall of boulders, attack them repeatedly to knock them down. Continue down the hallway and you will reach another rock wall. Use the Jedi Point to cut an "X" in them, then Force them to knock the wall down. Continue down the hallway and you will reach yet another rock wall. Grapple onto it and pull to knock it down. Use the Jedi point to destroy the next wall. When you reach the end of the hallway, destroy the ice around the purple LEGO pieces (you will have to throw your lightsaber at the three up above). Force them into a Geonosian minifigure, opening the hatch in the ground. Hop down into the opening.
    3. You now have your first encounters with the Undead Geonosians. They take three hits to defeat, but they are very slow, making them just as dangerous as Battle Droids. Head left and grapple onto the pillar, then pull to knock it down, blocking off the enemies from that side. head right and Force the pillar down, blocking off the rest of the enemies. This will cause the wall in the center to fall down. Walk down the path, defeating the enemies that stand in your way. Use the Jedi point to destroy the rock wall that falls in your way. Eventually, you will reach the chamber of Karina the Great, triggering a cutscene.
    4. You will immediately notice that you do not have your lightsabers. No problem, we'll get those back soon. Force the pillar in the back to start ticking off Karina. She will then proceed to shoot eggs at you. Wait until she shoots a purple egg, then Force it onto the wall on the right. When three eggs are on the wall, hop up them and defeat the Geonosians to get your lightsabers back. Use the Jedi point to strip the pillar, then Force it to make Karina madder. Karina will then shoot silver egg bombs at you. These can destroy silver objects, so stand by the silver rocks on the left to destroy them. Hop up the wall with your lightsaber, then use the Jedi point to strip the pillar. Force it to reveal a Jedi point in front of Karina. Use it to free Luminara, adding her to your party.
    5. Run down the hallway until the ending cutscene is triggered.
Unlocked Characters: Commander Cody
                                    Undead Geonosian (10,000)
                                    Poggle the Lesser (50,000)
                                    Count Dooku (250,000)
Unlocked Vehicles: Geonosian Solar Sailor (200,000)