Free Play Mode

    Area 1: Canister 1: Destroy 10 rocks with crystals to collect this Canister.
                 Canister 2: Destroy 5 brown plants. You will have to walk on the front edge for some of them.
                 Canister 3: Destroy 3 Hailfire Droids to reveal this Canister.
                 Canister 4: This is against the back wall on the left.
                 Canister 5: Sith Force the rock on the left to reveal this Canister.
                 Canister 6: Build the LEGO pieces on the left into an Astromech panel, then use it to summon a black car. Hop in it and collect the studs to reveal this Canister.
                 Canister 7: Hop over the rock on the right and use the travel chute to reach a ledge. Slide down the slope and hit all five buttons to reveal this Canister over the rock you hopped over.
                 Canister 8: Use the Enemy Droid panel in the top right to reveal this Canister.
                 Canister 9: Use the Bounty Hunter panel, then destroy 50 droids within the time limit to reveal this Canister.
                 Canister 10: Use the Protocol panel in the lower right corner to reveal orange pads. Ride a speeder over all of them n order to reveal this Canister.
Minikit Character: Princess Leia (Classic) (50,000)