Story Mode

Enemies: Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, Droideka
Starting Characters: Yoda, Lieutenant Thire, Rys, Jek
True Jedi: 68,000
    1. Head to the left and destroy the gold coral, then build it in front of the path, blocking the droids. Continue to the right and destroy the silver coral. Build it in front of the path, blocking out the droids. Some Super Battle Droids will then blast their way through the coral. Destroy them, then head down the path. Begin shooting the gold coral to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, Lieutenant Thire will be without his chain gun. To compensate for this, Yoda can Force lift Super Battle Droids, causing them to shoot like crazy. Force lift a droid, then use it to destroy the gold coral. Walk through the opening.
    2. Hop down off of the rocks. Your objective here is to destroy the 3 AATs. To destroy the first, destroy the silver cannons to reveal a Jedi point. use it to destroy the AAT. To destroy the second AAT, Force a droid and use it to destroy the gold cannons, causing a Jedi point to appear. Use it to destroy the AAT. For the last one, grapple onto the cannons and pull, temporarily disabling them. Quickly use the Jedi point to destroy the last AAT. You will now be confronted with Droidekas. You will need to destroy all 5 to end the level. Force the 2 that appear on the right into the hole. The one on the far left can be destroyed by Forcing it under the silver rocks, then hitting them, causing them to tumble onto the Droideka. One can be destroyed by hitting the silver rocks above it, and the last one can be destroyed by just straight up attacking it. Destroy all 5 Droidekas to end the level.
Unlocked Characters: Yoda
                                    Lieutenant Thire
                                    Super Battle Droid (25,000)