Resolute Catwalks

This area can be unlocked by building the elevator door in the Resolute Bridge. It requires 3 Gold Bricks to build.
Unlockable Characters: Workout Clone Trooper (25,000)
                                      R6-H5 (25,000)
                                      Sionver Boll (25,000)
                                      Bail Organa (25,000)
Red Power Bricks: Score x6 (10,000,000): Plug the plug into the socket to reveal a grapple point. Grapple up, then head left to run into this Power Brick.
                               Stud Magnet (500,000): Destroy the 4 gold objects on the wall to reveal this Power Brick.
                               Score x10 (40,000,000): Destroy the boxes in the center to reveal LEGO pieces. Build them into an Electric panel, then destroy the silver object. Use the Electric panel to reveal an object, then Sith Force it to reveal this Power Brick.
This section covers the catwalk that connects Resolute Hangar and Resolute Ground Vehicles Room. It requires 10 Gold Bricks to enter. This area is close enough to Resolute Catwalks that I am covering them together.
Unlockable Characters: Captain Typho (10,000)
                                      Queen Neeyutnee (30,000)
                                      Senate Commando (25,000)
                                      Senator Philo (30,000)
Red Power Bricks: Super Saber Cut (300,000): Snipe the 3 targets to reveal this Power Brick.