Invisible Hand Hangar

This area can be accessed by flying over and landing in the Invisible Hand. In here, you can purchase Separatist vehicles.
Unlockable Characters: Battle Droid (6,500)
                                      Super Battle Droid (25,000)
                                      Destroyer Droid (40,000)
                                      Count Dooku (250,000)
                                      Cad Bane (250,000)
Red Power Bricks: Perfect Deflect (100,000): Force up a bridge on the right side of the hangar, then drive a vehicle across it and park it on the orange pad. Destroy the silver trophy that appears to reveal this Power Brick.
                               Dual Wield (250,000): Force up the bridge on the left side of the hangar, then hop up to reach this Power Brick.